iPhone 7 Soft Cover


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iPhone 7 Silicon Soft Cover

silicone case protects your phone from short-distance drops and the texture helps prevent your phone from sliding. Because the case consists only of a thin layer of silicone, however, it may not prevent damage if your phone falls from a great distance or with a lot of force.

Overall. If you’re looking for a premium, great-looking case, I would look no further than Apple’s silicone case. The silicone case looks and feels luxurious, which is what Apple is known for. You also get a durable case that will protect your phone from accidental drops.

Rubber Phone Case

Like silicone cases, rubber phone cases can be easily cleaned with a mixture of dish soap and water. This is the most basic way on how to clean phone cases. Soak the case in the soapy water and clean around the edges with a toothbrush. Then, wipe down the rubber case with a microfiber towel.


  • 100% New
  • Premium Quality
  • Durable
  • Extreme Protection
  • for iPhone 7
  • Brand. Luxurify
  • Money Back Guaranty

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